Wednesday, November 02, 2011

30 Days of Comics: Day One

I'm participating in Derik Badman's Thirty Days of Comics This year. I will be making and posting one comic for each day over the course of November. Check out the link above to see the other fantastic cartoonists involved.

This is day one. I spent most of the day trying to work out whether I could wing a sustained narrative in daily installments, all written on the fly. I balked at the last minute, it was just too much work to get into right now to try a continuity strip. So I went back to my old standby, the comics diary mostly banal. I dashed this strip off quickly to avoid missing the midnight deadline. Not my proudest moment, by far.

(I'll also be posting these at my main site.)

(p.s. I did some screwy things with posting day 2, which may have screwed up any rss feeds and whatnot. So if you're reading this in a screwed up feed, I'm sorry.)

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