Tuesday, December 01, 2009


You know, I almost like the original prep-sketch of this last comic better than the finished one.

The progression seems somehow subtly easier in a way. It flows better.
I messed it up, somehow on the final rendering. Too much trying to wrestle with the materials (which, in this case were literally crumbling in my grip) maybe. Not enough attention being paid to the overall flow?
The final version seems to have lost something in the translation from sketch to re-sketch

Or maybe it's just me.


as seen at the yellowlight.

Well, this was supposed to go up last week (along with another truly tasteless gag which I thought better of than posting) but, whaddoyaknow? The Thanksgiving holiday got the best of me.

This is the last of the gag cartoons for a little while. I'm ready for something different.

I'll probably start with some simple sketchbooky-type comics and eventually start serializing short comics for a while.
I'm also now shooting for a weekly schedule. By "weekly," I mean one post a week. No set day.
So you can see why I'm calling this thing undisciplined.

Hope you liked the gags while they lasted. Should you ever wish to revisit these, they're archived at my site for easy browsing.

On to something else.