Friday, February 06, 2009


These last few sketches were done with a set of color Sharpies I've had for a few years now. In my crappy sketchbook they bleed like crazy. I have a proclivity for using only the cheapest of art materials.

I wanted to try and make a drawing work using only the colors available in the pack of markers. I drew this scene once and caught myself layering the colors to achieve a greater variation. I started over to try and keep it "pure"

Turns out "pure" looks a lot like crap and I ended up layering up on the second drawing too.
The two versions are pretty much the same, but I prefer the second (shown here) for the echo of Karel ńĆapek in the footprints.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

this one's for Derik

Derik said he saw panels in the ghost image under the truck sketch the other day, and so he did: Here in this little nonsense comic.

I remember now why I don't post too many things out of my sketchbook anymore. The book is 9" x 12" and my scanner can only take a little more than 8.5" x 11". That means I have to scan everything twice and piece it together in photoshop. Very annoying.
I am too stubborn (or lazy - or cheap) to buy a new - smaller - sketchbook however, so I guess I just have to live with it...

Monday, February 02, 2009


(Did I say there would be sketches posted here?)

Sorry for the internet silence, but last week really kicked my ass. Like a real, physical beating. Between work, a funeral, and 18 inches of snow (okay, more like ten. It just felt like eighteen when I was shoveling it) I got pretty worn out. Y'know... "beat."

Here is a picture of a truck that I drew toward the end of last week. It is also quite "beat." In that way it could be considered a metaphorical self portrait. A connection hammered home by the sloppy typography.

I was tired and messed up the lettering at the bottom there. Something compelled me to try and fix it but it still doesn't look right.

Anyway. Yeah... yay for drawing.