Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hooray for Mothers

So it seems most of the "to wife" Mother's Day cards are pretty stupid. Excessively mushy, in that treacly Hallmark sort of way, and ugly to boot.

The one I got my wife (she's not a mother yet, but will be very soon) isn't too bad. It's got a nice design and the cartoon wolf-things on it are kind of cute. I'm not too sure about the message it employs. Something like "Gee, honey. Even though we've been married a while and got kids now, I still love you I guess." Beyond the mush, it was either that or the "Gosh, I'm a total Fuck-up. It's hard to believe you still keep me around. Happy Mother's Day" cards (I just couldn't get behind that message, though it may be true). Not much to pick from, I'm afraid.
I think I made it work, though.

So, anyway, happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there. Especially Rachelle.
She's going to be a wonderful mother and I love her very much.

And I'm glad she still keeps me around.