Tuesday, December 01, 2009


You know, I almost like the original prep-sketch of this last comic better than the finished one.

The progression seems somehow subtly easier in a way. It flows better.
I messed it up, somehow on the final rendering. Too much trying to wrestle with the materials (which, in this case were literally crumbling in my grip) maybe. Not enough attention being paid to the overall flow?
The final version seems to have lost something in the translation from sketch to re-sketch

Or maybe it's just me.


Silus said...

Hi Tym,
Sorry to comment here but I couldn't find an email address anywhere ... do you mind if I use a quote from your webcomics examiner review of my comics on the back cover of the seamonster Lulu POD? Don't know if you remember it...

Tymmi said...

Sorry. I keep forgetting to add my contact info to the site.

I don't mind at all if you'd like to quote from the review, although you do know that the Examiner is no longer a going concern?

I've kept up with your work over the years. Congrats on completing Seamonster! I'll look forward to the collection.

Silus said...

Yeah, it's a shame the Examiner is gone, but it was a good quote, and the name looks kind of authoritative - "Webcomics Examiner".

Love your short strip "Sick" - I'm a new parent myself and it rang very true...

Tymmi said...

Thanks. A few years (and another kid) later: it still doesn't get any easier!
(Not that I'd trade it for anything.)

Anonymous said...


Tymmi said...

(forgive my ignorance)

I'm guessing it's Chinese:

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But I like the Japanese translation better:

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blueyes2091 said...

Hi!...I really like your blog. Very original! Congratulations! By the way, you made a wonderful translation on the Chinese comment :))

Tymmi said...

Thank you!
I can't take credit for the translation, however. I just ran it through Google's translator.

Anonymous said...
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江仁趙雲虹昆 said...
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