Sunday, November 06, 2011

30 Days of Comics: Day Five

Day five. Saturday's comic.
Not much one for craft this weekend.

Thirty Days of Comics info.

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Haverholm said...

Looking good, blurring the lines between comics & infographics! You might have continued using just gr- words but that's a detail. We are working on a tight schedule! :)

Tymmi said...

Thanks! I've got a particular interest in the comics/infographic intersection. I do think I've made some missteps in the execution here, but the spelling split makes sense in my head at least (I'd have trouble 'splainin it, as it were.)
The curve is faked and all the "data" made up anyway, so whaddaya gonna do? As you say, we're on a schedule...

Thanks for responding, by the way. It was starting to feel as if it would do as well for me to post these straight to the rubbish bin as it does posting them here. Been enjoying your dailies!

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