Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Wednesday Bonus!!!

You know that diagrammatic comics example I drew for Neil's article the other day? It was only part of the story. I designed a whole big thing around it but it was too much for just one example in an article of several. Since today's comic is basically talking heads I thought I'd show you the thumbnail I drew for the full example comic. You know, to make up...
Breaking Even:


neal said...

Wait, wha? did I forget you're having another one?


Derik said...

Very Ware-esque.

And let me echo Neal's "Congrats!"

Tymmi said...

"Very Ware-esque"
yeah - except for the happy ending :)

Congrats much appreciated guys. We started out pretty low-key about announcing this pregnancy (we pretty much waited for the first trimester to end before we told anyone. My initial announcement here was buried at the end of a long, unrelated, and pointless text piece (as is my custom with all major announcements). I've mentioned it in comics a few more times too.
No big deal.

(I mean, yeah... it's a BIG DEAL for me but you know what I mean.)

neal said...

Doh, that right!

Sheesh, in one eye and right out the other ear. I blame Teevee.

Tymmi said...

s'no sweat.
But I expect you to remember every little detail of my personal life from here on out!

Fabricari said...

First Comic: Heh, was that a sympathy pain?

Second: I really want to try this convention a whole lot more. It really adds flexibility to story telling, and it's such an obvious, easy to read convention.

Tymmi said...

"was that a sympathy pain?"

umm... yeah! something like that.

(Actually, this pregnancy has been a lot rougher on Rachelle than Sophie's was. The baby is constantly moving and Rachelle's been having a ton of Braxton-Hicks lately. She's a trooper, though.)

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