Monday, March 19, 2007


I swear, I drew this comic before I knew that Neil Cohn's newest Comixpedia article would be posted today as well. The article deals with embedding visual narrative within graphic devices such as speech and thought balloons, so this cartoon ends up being strangely appropriate.
Oh, I did the illos for the article too.

While you're at over Comixpedia check out Derik Badman's newest piece, explicating a page from Jaime Hernandez (Love and Rockets). It's a good piece but - given that Comixpedia is mainly a webcomics site - it begs the question: where is webcomics' Jaime Hernandez?


Derik said...

I wish there were a webcomics Jaime Hernandez. Maybe someday.

Great comic today (as always).

Tymmi said...

Ah, webcomics: you have to pay attention just so you'll see when it's finally worthy of your attention.

Thanks for the good words.

Man-At-Arms said...

I would ALWAYS get the 20 piece. I believe it was called the family pack. Man. That was a lot of nuggets.

Tymmi said...

Yeah, like I said: no way could I manage that now. Even though, by all rights, I should be able to eat more than I could whaen I was a kid. It's like my adult stomach is actively rejecting the idea of eating that much crap.

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