Friday, December 01, 2006

What I did on my Thanksgiving Vacation - Part Three

So that's it. I spent most of my holiday just eating and smarting off with my siblings, so I didn't get any drawing done. Took me all week to tell you what would normally take just a few seconds of conversation. Ah, the magic of comics.

We did have a nice Thanksgiving, though. The whole family met at my parents' house in Illinois; Aunts and Uncles, Cousins... my brother flew in to Cleveland and drove the rest of the way with us. My sister even flew in from England (sans husband, however). We don't have a chance to all meet like that very often, so we all had a good time, I think. First time driving ten hours with Sophie and she did all right. The worst part was getting stuck in the traffic heading out of Cleveland from the Browns/Bengals game last weekend (after dropping my brother off for his return flight). Two and a half hours to drive what would normally be a less than one hour drive! Other than that things were great.

The other thing we did this Thanksgiving is go around telling everyone that Rachelle is pregnant with our second child.

Because she is.


Man-At-Arms said...


Fabricari said...

Great perspective of the Holiday. There's probably some irony in this, somewheres.

neal said...


Great set of comics, too.

Tymmi said...

Thanks, guys.

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