Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sketches+links = lazy cartoonist?

Some more sketches for the new project. It occurs to me that I may be doing so much prep work this time only to avoid actually starting in on the comic. So... next week, no matter how comfortable I am with the "look." That gives me one week to either nail it down or not. Sink or swim.

So, on to people that can actually finish comics. Whole pages at a time, even!
If I had, like ten bucks (or any money) to spare I'd be buying me some Trains are... Mint. Seriously. This page alone? Brilliant! (link from Derik)

Also, my buddy Neal is in fine form, Illustrating for Sam Costello at Split Lip. By "fine form" I mean, really kind of creepy. Neal shows a real propensity toward the darker parts of old folk songs like the one they're adapting here. Then again, a lot of those songs are pretty dark.

(Vicious murder is a theme in these links, I guess.)

No murder (so far), but still kind of vicious, is Dash Shaw's new webcomic (yeah, that's right) BodyWorld, for which he has a full prelude posted (regular updates are promised starting in January).
I do so hope that Shaw doesn't get too aggressively distopian with this one. The generic trappings are sometimes an easy mark for reflecting contemporary wierdness. A lot of young cartoonists are leaning that way lately, but Shaw has shown an eye for a more naturalistic wierdness (if that makes sense) in his previous work that speaks to me a little more (that's what it's all about, right? Speaking to me personally?). Way to early to make a judgement though. At least he'll have me for the ride. (link also via Derik, who has good taste)

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