Monday, November 19, 2007

A Boy and His Squirrel - Title Page

This feels like kind of a cheat - posting a title page like this. But I wanted to get something posted today and this was quicker than a real page. I'm going to be taking a little more time with these, with an eye towards collecting them at some point. It'll still be write-as-you-go but I'm thinking in scenes rather than in pages this time. I'm shooting for three pages a week but will only post them when I like them, and realistically I probably won't stick to that schedule. Anyway, here we go...

And, uh, guys? I haven't been at the whole LiveJournal thing long, but I think I may have broken it. Andrew has been a pretty vocal supporter in the comments section there and I always appreciate his comments. He's an immensely talented cartoonist as well, I'll miss his posting stuff to LJ. It is sad to see his journal close but I wish him well In wherever he goes next.

First real page scheduled for Wednesday.

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