Friday, November 30, 2007

A Boy and His Squirrel - New Page Two

Page two again.
That's right. That's how things are gonna go here.

I've thumbed out the next several pages and will continue to do so. Hopefully a little planning ahead will stave off any more difficulties like this page gave me. I think I'm revising my "schedule" (more like goal) from three to two pages a week too, though this week is only one page (again).

Anyway, in other news: Ira Marcks once again has an internet presence! I'm a big fan of his old Angel Interceptor works. Along with their return, he's also posted a lot of his newer printed work. This is good news to me and you as well. Thanks to Phil McAndrew for the tipoff.


DerikB said...
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DerikB said...

I miss the panel where he's looking at his own breath. That was a nice touch.

Otherwise much cleaner and forward moving.

Tymmi said...

Thanks. I liked the breath sequence too (not sure that the rendering did it any justice...). But I think "forward moving" is the key to the changes here.

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