Monday, September 17, 2007

ways with "words"

Can you guess the common idioms these cartoons represent?
('Cause if you can't then they're not all that good are they?)


DerikB said...

2: Talking tough?

I like 3 but I have no idea what it means. It looks like little Pac-man ghost word balloons.

Tymmi said...

Yeah, or "strong words"

I've been riffing on the Pac Man thing in my sketchbook lately, and that's probably where the design came from. Ghost balloons is the general idea though.

DerikB said...

I could see uses for ghost balloons... reminiscences of the words of someone who recently died... but not too many uses for them.

Fabricari said...

1. lost for words?
2. strong words?
3. broken speech?
4. talkin' outcher ass?

Tymmi said...

Thanks for playing along with my feeble game guys. I posted what I was going for with these.

Derik, that's an interesting thought there. If I tried I probably wouldn't depict it like this though. Too gimmicky or jokey (though I suppose that would work in the right context.)

Steve- "Lost for words" is good for #1, but not quite what I was shooting at. ANd I should've drawn "talkin outcher ass" but didn't.

Oh, the missed opportunities.

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