Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lost and Found - part four

Dear Blogger people, I have been unfaithful.
Yesterday I began cross posting at my long dormant LiveJournal account. Her wiles, they were just too great. And my friends egged me on besides.

This need not be the end of our relationship, however. If you keep an open mind, we can still enjoy the pleasure of one anothers company. Let's think of this as an "open" relationship. You are free to see others as well (or even join me and my LiveJournal for a sort of menage?).
Here. It's all explained in this book. All I ask is you read it.

(Too creepy?)
My Live Journal

And speaking of menage, have you heard about OuCoPo, Jon Morris' new collaborative anthology?
Every month there will be a different theme and everyone is invited to submit comics based on said theme.
The goal is to flood Jon with so many submissions that running the anthology will absorb every second of his time and ruin all hope of gainful employment, relationships, and other general enjoyments.
So submit! And often!
The first theme is BOO! halloween stories (to which I contributed last year)


grant said...

Noooooo don't leave Blogger!!!!!

OuCoPo? Isn't it OuBaPo?

Tymmi said...

OuBaPo is the existing "comics wing" of OuXPo (Ouvroir d'X Potentielle). The BA in OuBaPo stands for "bande dessinée" (basically the french name for comics).
As far as I can figure, Jon's OuCoPo is kind of a gimmicky take off of the OuXPo name. CO is, of course, comics (On "bande designée," Jon says "which funk dat, dese're comics.") It has nothing to do with the existing OuBaPo, and the only constraint given here is the monthly theme.
I hope you submit for this, Grant. It looks like fun.

And nobody's leaving anywhere.

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