Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Web Stuff...

Some linkage for you all:
After many months of mournful absence, the web is finally no longer Jeff Pasek-less. Go see his spankin' new site and marvel in it's splendour. I got a kick out of seeing the paintings he gave me up on his web gallery. I feel so pseudo-famous by association now. Also if you're in the Cleveland area, go check out his new show.

I've also been enjoying Robert Sergel's idiot comics of late. I dig his sense of panel composition, his nice clean line, and his formal playfulness. He uses the kind of detached humor that appeals to those of us who are really bitter at the world. The las few installments also show an amazing use of color. Good stuff.

I found him browsing comicspace. That brings it to two good things that have come solely from my involvement there.

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