Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here's how it happened...

I know you're all dying to know how the whole baby thing went down but you're all thinking "Gee. Tim put Mostly Banal on hiatus. And besides, he's too busy with baby stuff to draw any comics right now anyway. Aw shucks and gee wiz."
Well, never fear. In steps a ghost cartoonist with MB's first ever guest strip to tell you all the really real story of what happened.

Shattering the illusion (By Billy?) to give credit where it's due: my good friend Chris came up with this little ditty all by his lonesome. Thanks, Chris. You have a stellar carreer in comics ahead of you, and it all starts here.

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beardy said...

For my next trick, I will draw a strip detailing Tymmi's errands around time with a dashed line running all over town. There'll maybe even be a few culverts to crawl over. Or maybe one of Tm mowing the lawn, and the dashed line would just go back and forth, back and forth.