Monday, November 27, 2006

What I did on my Thanksgiving Vacation - Part One

Back from Illinois where we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, food, fun, and food. Gonna take a little bit tpo get back into the swing of things.

This here's part one of my vacation report. I'm playing a bit with a kind of narrative device. Not sure how well it'll work.

Hey! While I was away Steve Harrison and Adam White finished off their long-running story arc at Fabricari. Now you can read the whole shebang in one sitting (or two) from the beginning. Congratulations, guys!


Fabricari said...

Thanks! And now to figure out what to do next - I'm leaning towards a sketch blog like this one in the mean time :D

And congratulations to you, too, on kid number two!

(Sheesh, I'm posting this all out of order. :D)

Tymmi said...

Let's see...
and you're welcome
and - come on... you'd do so much better than this sketchblog.

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