Monday, November 13, 2006

Some days you got it, and some days you don't

Today I don't.

Yeah, so i went to two concerts this weekend. Cloud Cult and Joanna Newsom.
Both were excellent. I was working up a comic thing on them for my post today but, well...

Maybe for Wednesday.


Neil said...

Awesome, I'm going to Joanna Newsom tomorrow!

I loved the cat strip btw!

Tymmi said...

You won't be disappointed.

Unless you're dissappointed by good music played by well trained musicians.

In that case you're out of luck.

Fabricari said...

Actually that's a pretty damned good drawing of a hand.

And I'm a bit envious that I didn't go see Joanna Newsom - I've got that album you sent me in full rotation.

Her new one just released on emusic today, I just swiped that up. Did you get that one yet?

Tymmi said...

Yeah, I picked it up at the show and I've been listening to it constantly ever since! It's really an amazing sound, with the orchestra. So different from hir first record - and yet not completely. All the stuff that attracted me to her music in the first place is still there. Just, I dunno, more so.

And thanks re: the hand. It felt like pulling teeth to draw it, though.

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