Friday, November 10, 2006

Stupid Cat

Comics are capable of some pretty complex symbolic and narrative expression, but there's something satisfying about the simplest articulation of relative motion in sequence.

or something...

I saw Cloud Cult in Columbus last night. It was awesome.


DerikB said...

Love the simplicity of this one.

Glad to see your finding time for more comics on here.

Neal said...

YOU SAW CLOUD CULT? did they have the painters? fill me in!

Man, between you and CC, and Fabs seeing the Decemberists I had a bo-o-oring night by comparison!

Tymmi said...

Thanks' Derek. I'm glad to be posting comics again too!

And yeah, Neal, Ohio seems to be the place to be this weekend. I'd be happy to give you a full rundown of the show (yes, there were painters; yes, the whole show was amazing. See them if you ever have the chance)
But right now I'm off to see Joanna Newsom in Cleveland. Busiest concert weekend ever, for me.

Neal said...

Yeah well, you go see Joanna Newsom! I hope yer ears bleed!

Oh yeah and tonight I'm off to see the soul of Hank Williams play xylophone on the flayed rib bones of Kenny Chesney while young Chet Baker plays horn! And did I tell you Tom Waits is the opening act!

(aww heck, I'm only going to family game night at my mom's house. Have fun for me, please?)

Tymmi said...

Guess I was kinda bragging there, but I really don't get out to see any shows too often and two in as many days is unheard of. I was pretty excited about it.

They were both great shows and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (without ear bleeding). I definitely would recommend both of these acts.

Neal said...

You didn't sound like you were bragging, I was bemoaning my entirely show-less week.

I hope you're going to fill us in on how they were.

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