Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two Nights, Two Shows

I have kind of mixed feelings on the Joanna Newsom show. Her performance was amazing - and I would definitely recommend seeing her live - but their were a lot of little annoying things to deal with that night (waiting forever for the show to start, sound problems at the beginning of the set, and I'm ashamed of the audiences behavior - especially toward opening act Billy Birdman)
I was already a huge fan of Joanna Newsom's music, however, and I found her performance worth muddling through the other stuff for. Really amazing, with the orchestration. Her new album is out now too. Incredible. Cannot recommend it enough.

Cloud Cult's show, on the other hand, was the kind of show that would make you a fan - even if you had never heard of them (and I suspect that was just the experience many in the audience that night had.) It was a near perfect show - the band was great, the sound was great in that little room (I hear that room is magic, or something), and it was just an excellent experience. Cloud Cult has 4 albums available and they said a new one is coming soon. I heard some of their new stuff at the show and it sounds pretty good!

All in all, it made for a memorable weekend. The whole thing was well worth all the shit I got at work for not coming in this weekend when everyone else had to.


Neal said...

Someone played saw? Dammit!

Actually, I hear you Re: the disparity, it sounds like the Cloud Cult was a more satisfying show.

And yeah I gave that new-(som) record a go, It's pretty good.

Tymmi said...

Yeah, but don't get me wrong - both shows were great. It'd be hard to beat the overall experience of theCloud Cult show, though.

Anonymous said...

I saw her show on Monday in New York. Doors opened at 9:30 and she wasn't on till about 11. Luckily, I was running late and didn't arrive till about 10:30, but even the half hour wait was annoying. Fucking fantastic show, tho, and the packed out crowd absolutely loved her. I think she'd do better in a slightly more intimate venue than Webster Hall tho. -David ( damn thing won't let me login because of the new beta thing)

Tymmi said...

Sounds like late starts were the thing for this tour. You're right though, she did put on a fantastic show after the wait - and her fanbase is nothing if not rabidly loyal to her anyway.

Thanks for stopping by, David. Come back any time.

Fabricari said...

Well, thanks to you, I've been listening to her new album at least twice daily - such pure talent, I'm sure it had to be better live.

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