Saturday, August 12, 2006

The FUTUREMAN Saga: Epilogue
All's Well That Ends Well

(Hey, Chris! The story starts here.)

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Music for this strip: Half Japanese's Bone Head record.

Well, that's it for the FUTUREMAN saga. Hope you enjoyed it. Will this truly be the end of Futureman? No one can tell for sure. The Future is Futuristical is, of course, a joint project open to anyone. Feel free to use any of these characters, as I have made liberal use of other's. Everyone should do at least one Futuristical strip. Even you! Just let TedPrior know when you've done one.

Back to my boring old present-day life next, I guess. I've got a backlog of journal-type strips to draw after this two week futuristical detour.


Non Stop Ive ! said...

This was Fantastical!

Tymmi said...

I've been digging your strips too, so I just had to play along.

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