Monday, August 07, 2006

(oh wait, is this part three...?)

(Hey, Chris! The story starts here.)

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Maybe I should change the name of this blog to The Future is so Futuristical.

Or The Sort-of-Continuing, Not-so-Adventurous Adventures of Futureman, or whoever.

I'm almost done with this.

Music for today's strip? The soft whirr of refrigerated vending machines and the harsh buzz of fluorescent lights 'cause I inked up the thing in the breakroom at work. Funfunfun.

Hey! I also have a guest strip up at today. Fabricari is a thrice-weekly cyberpunk webcomic By Steve Harrison and Adam White. Steve is an excellent artist who gets a great clean line that I am absolutely envious of. He's also an all-around good guy, in my experience. I've never met Adam (of course, I've never really met Steve either.) Go check 'em out.

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