Monday, March 06, 2006

I like to think I have good taste.

Lotsa information here. Not sure how well I pulled this off.

Guess I should mention that I checked Chris Ware's Quimby Mouse book out from the library. I can see why he uses text as a graphic element first and foremost in these kind of diagrammatic comics. It's easier to pull off than blocks of narrative, as far as diecting the eye and such. He can get away with stuff like flipping the text to a mirror image, have it guide the eyeflow and still be understood ('cause it's so simple). Live and learn, I guess.

This one was fun to do.

Speaking of Chris Ware and libraries:
Rachelle pointed out that on April 11 the Shreve branch of the Wayne County Public Library is hosting a book discussion on Jimmy Corrigan. It's 1-2 pm so I'd have to skip out on work but I may do that. Wooster's a small town and Shreve is even smaller. It'd be interesting to see just who in this tiny little hamlet actually reads Chris Ware.
Come on down if you're interested. Pre-registration is required.

And you all know where Shreve is, right?


9quail said...

It's your street rep that stops anyone from dissin' ya! That's why your stash is as goof as locked up.

9quail said...

GOOD . . . goof !!!

beardy-Beard Beard said...

I picked up on the Mr. C. Ware influence... he definitely has an incredibly appealing style (to me, at least). I would love to have a 900-page book that looks just like the jacket of "Jimmy..." though maybe I would fatigue after a while.

I made it farther last night then on my first attempt. Definitely surrealism happening, and the narrative that is there is not so straightforward to me, but I am remaining patient with the thought that things will make more sense once I can contemplate the work as a whole. I hope. But don't tell me if it ain't gonna happen.

I think you should make a deluxe hardcover parody of "Jimmy" about Billy Corgan, or however you spell the name of that Smashing Pumpkins guy.

Perhaps anyone who would want to posess the music you mention in the strip would already own it, and therefore would not have to steal yours. Though from some of your descriptions of your coworkers' reactions to your music, I am surprised that nobody just threw them away.

Maybe I should let you borrow my Big Black CD to take into work sometime. That Thurston Moore/Nels Cline disc might be a good one, too. And I think we should record some stuff of our own. Dude Up.

beardy-Beard Beard said...

Have you emailed Mr. C. Ware to make him aware of the discussion? Wouldn't it be swell if he came to Shreve for it?

Tymmi said...

Big Black'd be a good one. They all love my Jesus Lizard there.

I just assumed Shreve was already on "the circuit" and perhaps Mr. Ware himself had set up this book discussion. On the off chance that he did not, I'm sure he will read it in this blog.

Oh, and ... STREET JUSTICE!!!! All the way!

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