Friday, January 06, 2006

What I Did This Week

i think the fancy name is *infographic*

Well, there you have it. A la I Have No Superfluous Leisure (except it actually does map my superfluous leisure).

I've never mapped out my time like this. It's kind of depressing. Leaving aside any complaint about spending almost half my life at work (almost everyone feels that way, I'm sure) I'm sort of disappointed at how I spend my free time. I didn't think I watched that much TV.

I should do this more often. It's very revealing.


Wifey said...

Notice that your wife is not listed AT ALL.

Beard said...

Wow. I should do this, too. But maybe not, I'm scared now.

Can "nbugvrcy" really be considered a "word," even if it's just for verification?

Beard said...

If you're bothering to count time spent shitting, it really needs to be included in the "leisure time" graph. I may spend more time shitting than eating, I don't know.

Wifey said...

Beard: You should be scared, I know your wife!

As long as your wife is listed, I see no reason why you should not make a chart of your own.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm included in "housework/domestic chores" or "sleeping".

Wifey said...

What does the little trash can under my posts mean?

Wifey said...

Nevermind. I get it.

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