Monday, January 23, 2006

Photoshop Blues (and Reds, and Yellows, and Greens, and ...)

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So, I set a mon-wed-fri blog post schedule for myself, in case you hadn't noticed. The idea is to keep my hand and mind in practice with these sketchy things so when I get time to do some real down and dirty comics work I'm already somewhat warmed up. The stop-start-stop of my comic making was really getting to me. I've been enjoying doing a comics-style blog though, and if I can keep it up I've got plans to expand the concept a little. So anyway, I set a schedule and I already missed last Friday (too busy). I don't feel too bad about it though 'cause I made up for it this weekend working on other comics stuff.

I Finished another section of the Welton Colbert thing. That's going at about 1 part per month, I guess. What's taking so long isn't so much the drawing itself but all the other production work (and a lousy production schedule). I'm building a lot of the comic like an animation, superimposing the characters on top of a static background. Piecing it together like this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would and coloring it with the mouse is a bitch.

The Welton comic isn't what I'm complaining about in this strip, though. Welton is pretty much fill-in-the-shapes flat colors, once I get the art ready to color. I was getting frustrated with the slow progress on Welton, so to blow off a little steam I tried out a different technique with a sketch I had.

neither there nor here

All in all It turned out pretty well, I think. It didn't really take all that long to do but it would've been a lot quicker with a Wacom or something. Those thing are still out of my price range, especially as it would essentially be a just a fancy toy for me to play with (as opposed to a necessity). Oh well, a guy can dream can't he?

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