Monday, January 30, 2006

It's what Blogs are for, right?

Rachelle's got a blog, too

I'm trying to refine my charicatures a bit, so they look more like what we really look like. Expect some more change in that department. I like the layout here too, though. It's basically a gag-strip but eschewing the panel borders gives it a different sort of feel, I think.

So, I had a pretty good weekend. Another Welton strip done (that's 3 of 9 now, if you're counting) and got some work on an illustration for a (possible) upcoming article for the Examiner. Oh, and Chris brought me a Wacom Intuos 2 to try out (borrowed from work). I'm not sure if it'll pan out 'cause it's got a serial connection and the Mac only takes USB. Even if I find a cheap adaptor there's no guarantee the computer'll recognize it. Worth a shot though, and I appreciate Chris bringing it over. (Let's see... what else can I complain about not having...)

And I just got word that Markus is nearing completion on his Infinite Canvas thesis, which I get to read when he's done.

All in all I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Rachelle's blog is here (no dirt yet, though)

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