Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Webcomic Examiner (really new)

that's a big eye, i think

I have an article in the new Webcomics Examiner up today. Actually, I have the only article as the web-based magazine has shifted it's format.

Here it is in Joe Zabel's words (boldface is mine):
Webcomics Examiner Adopts New Format and Schedule

January 3rd, 2006– The Webcomics Examiner has
converted to a new format, and beginning today will
publish on a weekly schedule. Says editor Joe Zabel,
“The quarterly magazine format served us well, but we
decided to change to a new look that showcases each
individual article to the max.”

The Webcomics Examiner is a forum of reviews,
interviews, and critical articles evaluating webcomics
as a fine art. The free-access website is at

The format change also adds a host of new features,
including a site search engine, a comments section at
the end of each article, and archive indexing by
article type and author name. Behind the scenes, a new
content management system will save the editors
signifigant amounts of time in preparing and
publishing articles.

The new format was designed by Alexander Danner, using
WordPress, an open source content management system.

The premiere feature in the new format is a review by
Tym Godek of Nathan Castle’s comics.
Upcoming are
reviews of Girl Genius, Little Dee, Nine Planets
Without Intelligent Life, and numerous other comics.
The Examiner continues its tradition of free-ranging
critical roundtables with a summit on experimental
webcomics coming up in February.

I like the new format (which Joe and Alexander worked very hard on for the past few months). There was concern about switching to the blog-style format and losing the kind of clean, professional feel that the Examiner's always had but I think Joe and Alex did a great job in adapting the old template to the new format.

Aside from the fancy new features Wordpress brings, I like that the "new" Examiner: 1) will come out more often, and 2) focuses exclusively on one article (every piece gets its week and none are lost in the background). The comment enabling is nice too and I hope it's take advantage of (it's about discussion people!)

I look forward to reading this each and every week and so should you.

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