Friday, October 27, 2006

not a sketchless day without sketches

First of all, I've had a new piece up at Jon Morris and Manning Krull's BOO! Halloween Stories 2006. Actually it's a really old piece that some of you may even remember from my art skool daze. Or not. Whatever. Go check it out anyway.

I had a story that went with that once, but all I could find was an old photocopy of the first page:

Next order of business, check out this lady's seemingly grotesquely large hands (picture from the front page of our local paper today):

For some reason this photo struck me as really, really funny. Maybe I'm starting to lose it.

And, lest you may think I did not sketch anything today, we also have this:

I am not yet sure what all of this means but I am open to suggestions.


Fabricari said...

Wierd. Those hands look perfectly normal to me. :)

Tymmi said...

Almost looks like something out of a Fabricari comic, too.

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