Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary and the Halloween comic that almost was.

Today is my wedding anniversary (and, conveniently enough, my wife's as well). For my sketch I drew the very first anniversary gift that I ever gave her. It was for our six month (dating) aniversary (yeah, cute, I know...). She had recently said something to the effect of "I could listen to that Modern English song, Melt With You, over and over and never get tired of it" (or something - I'm probably misremembering) So I took her at her word and made a tape of just that one song, over and over. Five times on each side (I taped over a short promotional cassette. Looking at the cover I made for it, I realize now that my design skills really haven't improved all that much since High School. Certainly my hand lettering is no better.
Anyway, Happy Anniversary honey.

Also today is the deadline for submissions to Jon Morris and Manning Krull's BOO! Halloween Stories 2006 I already told you about my one submission, but I was working on another as well, a proper story this time. Alas, once again I bit off more than i could chew. I'm about two pages short (out of six pages) and there's noway I could churn that out tonight. Maybe next year, huh?
Here's a sample, what would be page three of the story:

And there's my crappy hand lettering again.

Anyway, Happy Halloween everybody. And (again) Happy Anniversary Rachelle!


Anonymous said...

I'm a bad father. Good thing I looked at your blog today. Anyway, my best wishes for many more years of wedded bliss to you and Rachelle. We love you both, even if, in our dotage, we forget more than we remember.
Love to Sophie too.


Grace said...

I was wondering if you had an email I could contact you on, I couldn't seem to find an address.


Tymmi said...

Oh, thanks. I redesigned my site a month or so ago and forgot to drop the contact info back in. I'll have to fix that. For now, the email is:

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