Friday, October 20, 2006

just sketchtastical!

Another quick sketch towards the same comic as the last one. This is mostly for layout purposes and will look somewhat different if I ever finish the comic (*sigh*). For example: this is meant to be a subway station so I may throw a train and some more people in there. Also, the graffiti wil not actually spell out "graffiti."

but anyway...
this strikes me as kind of a crappy sketch, but it pretty much gets the layout that I want here.


DerikB said...

I love that the graffiti says "graffiti". What more do you need to say? Most graffiti is as meaningless in content if not necessarily form/style.

Tymmi said...

True. And there's a certain irony or insouciance (or some other "i" word) there that's not unappealing to me. But in the context of the story the graffiti is a kind of message and has to resonate thematically with the whole. I haven't found the right word or phrase yet, so for layouts "graffiti" is the stand-in.

Of course the "message" makes no difference in this chopped-up sketch form - being context dependent - and I'm glad you liked the effect here.

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