Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well, hello.

It's been a while!

So what have I been up to lately?
Well as you know from my previous entries, my wife and I had a baby a little over a month ago. Everyone is doing fine. We are all happy and healthy and she's such a smart little bugger. As you can imagine she keeps us pretty busy.

In addition to my baby responsibilities, my day-job has also been soaking up a lot of my time. It's good that we're busy in a time when a lot of factories are laying off or shutting down (at least in my area) but all the overtime eats away at my "leisure" activities, namely making comics.

Well, drawing comics, I should say. My work duties don't take an enormous amount of mental acuity, so I normally have a good five-to-six hours of good thinking-time a day. That and the accessibility of my notebooks and sketchbooks have allowed me to stock up on plenty of stories and ideas. I have a good backlog of 15-20 solid strips - some short and sweet, some more involved - that I need to find the free-time to draw.

For right now, I've started on the Salem Jack cover ('cause it pays). I'll post the process to that to here. After that, more Tree City (the first chapter - in eleven parts - is completely scripted and laid out, the remainder just needs fleshing out). The rest is kind of up in the air. I've got so many ideas to work with.

Anyway, here's a comic I did find time to draw. Nothing to write home about, really. I've scripted a number of these shorter ones which I'll release from time to time between major projects. I hope it brings you some momentary amusement or something.


Neal said...

Nice strip Tym!

And don't worry, us fans will be here whenever you make new stuff!

Neal said...

Forgot to mention the coloring job on this:

Looks like it was pencil work, with color layed underneath? I love how dirty pencil stuff looks.

Also, excellent job on the animated colors. Specially the subtly throbbing backround in the lower left panel.

Tymmi said...

(look, ma! i gots fans. Neal says so.)

I appreciate the support. I love comics but my priorities have to lay elsewhwhere.
I do what I can though.

And pretty good eye on the color. It's actually pencil and colored Sharpie, scanned in, layered, and bullied around in Photoshop.
Probably a lot more trouble than it's worth in the end but, hey - every comic is a learning process!

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