Monday, August 22, 2005

my new inking technique is unstoppable

Starting work on the new Tree City.

Some time ago the pen I was using to ink the Nick Stevens segments of Tree City just kind of putzed out on me. I've tried out various other pens but I couldn't get the variable line weight I wanted. I think I finally found something I can at least live with.

It's one of these here dealies:

brush pen

I've tried inking with a brush from time to time but was never quite comfortable with it. This Micron brush/pen gives a similar effect as a brushstroke but can handle more like a pen (I know, hard to believe...). The nice thing is I can get the varied weights of a brush and it's a lot more portable.

So here's the first test shot of the new Tree City (in color - albeit limited):

in color!!!

We'll see how it goes.


Neal said...

Those are good pens, but I've noticed they don't hold up for too long. the tips get pretty frayed fast. (although im pretty rough on them, it looks like your much nicer!)

Have you ever used a water brush? They make a pretty decent ink pen, really...

Tymmi said...

That's one thing i'm worried about. I am trying to be gentle with it. Got to loosen up my death-grip.

I'll have to check out those brushes! Thanks.

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