Sunday, August 07, 2005

Salem Jack: UNDERPAINTING? Who does a #*%! underpainting for acrylics?

I do, that's who!

Underpainting is usually reserved for oils which are more easily transparent and the bottom layer might actually affect what's on top of it. Acrylics are more opaque (unless they're watered down which doesn't work very well) so an underpainting is usually not necessary.
This is a pretty high profile job for me and my sketches were a little, well... sketchy, so I was a little nervous.
I blocked things out with and underpainting to give me a better idea of composition and value while I work.

alt tags are for people who know what to do with them

All of this will be pretty much completely covered by the time it's done, and it will look very different.

How do i know this?
Because I've already done a bunch more work on it.

But you guys don't get to see it yet.



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