Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Past Still Haunts Me (or Bad German Comic)

The new comic brings up some old memories.

I was talking to Markus the other day about my high school German class and how I managed to pass it without actually learning a lick of the language.

I used to draw little comics for my teacher, painstakingly translated to really bad German (via looking up pretty much every word). Herr Caputo took a liking to me and to these really bad little renderings. Since we were a public school with virtually no accountability he could get away with just passing whoever he took a personal liking to, regardless of their actual knowledge.
So bad art and horrible language skills actually got me through my foreign language requirement and, therefore, my High school diploma.

Anyway, I still have some of these drawings laying around so I thought I'd post 'em up.

Backstory: This was done in to a short production of the Snow White story my German class was putting on.

In case you're wondering I played the mirror.

HOLY CAT! A New Comic!
(click to enlarge)

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