Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Uncertainty" process post

So, another reason I don't post much sketchbook stuff is that it looks like that. This is me figuring a page layout for the upcoming Uncertainty in my 5 cent Walmart spiral-bound notebook. The lines are awful and nearly unreadable, but that's okay because they're really only for me anyway. Naturally, I chose to lead the post with this.

Some stuff looks more like this.

Starting to work my layouts into a real drawing, still messy and loose... figuring things out.

Then I go to pencils.

(Sorry about the crappy scan. I'm keeping my pencils pretty light on this one...)

Then Inks, which I have yet to do, and some "post-production" type stuff on this one...

I'm treating this work with a lot more of an illustration-vibe than some (all) of my previous comics, giving each panel quite a bit of individual attention. I was even drawing it one panel at a time on separate sheets of bristol, but man does that not look right when you put it all together. I'm back to composing whole pages at a time.
Here's a finished panel, drawn in the old way, which I've since rejected.

And, yeah... that's what I've been working on.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this blog somehow, and I love it! I love how it's not 100% over-perfected starched-and-pressed results, but shows equal parts frustration and creation. you're my part time hero.

consider yourself bookmarked, sir. :)


Tymmi said...

Thanks, Victoria.
We ran out of starch a long time ago, and I couldn't afford to buy any more. Frustration I got in spades, though. Frustration is cheap.

Glad you like it.