Saturday, March 07, 2009

I are still heer, internet.

Woah! It's been forever since I posted anything here. Didn't know this sketchblog-thing would become a monthly gig...
Here is something I drew just now, though. Especially for you!

Actually, I've been pretty busy with comics stuff lately. What's taking most of my (art) time right now are ! (which you've already seen) and Alexander's Uncertainty (which you can't see just yet). So, I'm drawing a lot, just not posting anything I draw here.
I'm going to try and get better with keeping this sketchblog stuff up. Maybe I'll post some in-process work for Uncertainty...

And wish me luck on getting ! into print. So far it hasn't been easy.
(but I am making headway)

I'll be in touch.


Anonymous said...

i loved ALL your drawings :)

regards from Chile :)

Tymmi said...

Hello from Ohio.
And thank you!