Sunday, November 09, 2008

mostly banal: weekend post

We like to preview movies for the kids before they watch them so they won't sneak up and freak them out too much. This one might be a little much for a three year old to handle. I think I want Sophie to keep thinking of zebras as cute fuzzy little animals for at least a little while longer.


In other "news"...
The RCPS (Revolutionary Comic Presentation System) is a physical, infinite-canvas-type comic with a poster-sized base narrative and additional postcard additions to the branching story. A week or two ago I mentioned in the comments at my LiveJournal, but couldn't remember who made it - or even what it was called, really. I promised then that I'd dig up the info and, well now I have:
It was created by a Mr. Chragi Frei, in Switzerland as a graphic design graduation project. It's pretty impressive. You can find out more about it here.

Now on to Friday and Saturday's comics:
(or Saturday's and then Friday's, as the case may be)

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