Friday, October 03, 2008

! - Page Thirty-Four

Say you draw little comic strips and post them to the internet.
Say you're in the middle of a rather drawn-out narrative and you just stop posting one day.
Maybe a couple people had been following your story. Maybe you never told them you'd be gone.
Say you want to return to posting after a long, unannounced hiatus.
You've got a few options:

You could make a long-winded post detailing your excuses for not posting anything for two months running.

You could make a lame apology to anyone still granting you their attention.

You could make promises to keep up with the story now, and see things through to the end this time. (whether you later keep these promises would remain to be seen, of course.)

Or, you could just pretend that the whole pause never happened and continue posting at your leisure...

Anyway, I came across a live cover of Radiohead's Black Star, by country singer Gillian Welch. It's a sweetly melancholic, acoustic-country version of the song with an awesome guitar part, courtesy David Rawlings. It's been my musical obsession this week, despite the fact that she consistently pronounces "black" as "blake" throughout. I recommend.

(psst--- don't remember how the story got to this point? maybe you should look here.)

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