Friday, October 31, 2008

mostly banal: SUPERPOST!

Despite my bitching and moaning in the last strip I posted here, I have not quit these diary comics. I got pretty busy this week - lots of overtime at work and my mother was in town for a visit - and I just kinda went underground (internet-wise). I kept drawing though and I'm including here a bunch of the strips I drew this past week. Not one for everyday (as per the plan) but, whatever...

A "Thank You" to you guys that have read and posted comments on these strips. I appreciate the support. Most of you know this is not my first venture in autobio/journal comics and the subject is one that I've put a lot of thought into. I really feel like I'm getting somewhere with these that I'm comfortable with and comfortable calling my own. I appreciate you reading and hope you stick around for more.

(also: more ! tomorrow, hopefully)


DerikB said...

These are great, Tym. Really.

Love the montage of sounds one and the montage of weather.

The panel about kids "funny or cute" is also well done to compress information.

What you write about your attempts here is quite interesting to me. One of my areas of reading interest (that hasn't so much made it into the comics I do) is the concept of the "everyday" and how fleeting the concept is. It becomes too easy for the idea to be formed into a narrative which then loses the sense of quotidian and repetition that is inherent to the everyday.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. Are these done in one attempt. No sketching, not under-drawings, just, bang, done?

Tymmi said...

Thanks, Derik. I'd have to say that some of your writings have influenced my thinking towards these matters as well. The "comics about paper cups" comment in the Oct 31 strip came from your blog, in fact (well... it was it was an Alison Bechdel quote - but I read it on your blog first)

Sometimes these are done in one shot, sometimes I do little thumbs first... i try to keep it loose and spontaneous. Lets see... most of these here had some light penciling first, at the least.

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