Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lost and Found - part thirteen

Edit: Put up the wrong cartoon at first. Whups.

Lucky part thirteen today. Starting to wrap this up.

Over at the LiveJournal, David Yoder suggested I collect this in a physical format as a mini, something that has crossed my mind. There is a kind of charm to this story and it presentation on the blog. I'm not sure the ad hoc process of creating this makes for a cohesive work. It's been fun trying to keep the continuity going one installment at a time, but looking over it I'm not so sure it works as a whole.
Another idea is fixing the errors and redrawing the whole thing. I think I'd be more satisfied with the end result there - it'd certainly have more polish - but is it worth the time it'd take to redo it?

I'll decide when the things all done, but I'm curious as to what anyone else thinks.

Any ideas?


DerikB said...

Personally, if you're going to go to the trouble of redrawing, take the time to polish the pacing. At this point, in spaced out chunks the pacing works okay, but I think it would really drag with all the pages one after the other.

Tymmi said...

I've definitely fallen into the installment writing trap. If I do decide to re-draw, that's one of the things I'd change.
Between you and me (and, you know, anybody else reading this) I actually have some pretty extensive revisions in mind.
I'll finish here and then decide (so much to do already)

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