Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lost and Found - part sixteen

That's the end. Last page in the notebook too, so I guess I had to stop.

Hope you've enjoyed this little story. It started as an experiment in "installment writing," meaning I initially came to a new page each day not knowing where I would go with the story (Additionally, I wrote and drew these things on my breaks at work, so even the installments came in installments). Slowly the storyline warped and then solidified in my head (there's an image) until it ended up like this. Kind of rough and disjointed but not without it's charms.
I've decided to re-write and re-draw the story. I have a lot of changes in mind already, including a new ending. I've talked to Cat Garza about including it in his upcoming MoCCA anthology and he gave me the go ahead.

That being said, if anyone wants a kind of ashcan edition of this version, then let me know. I think I've found a method of publishing that won't lose all the charm of the notebook pages (and it's cheap!)

Now, on to something else here at the blog. But what?
I've got some more ideas, but probably just some random sketches for a bit...

Thanks for reading.


Solcntrolr said...

I know this was posted months ago, but you had me going. I am hooked on your work. :)

Tymmi said...

Thanks! Hope you're enjoying the new stuff as well.

I should mention that the rewrite of this story has been put on hold for a little while. I will have a different story in Cat Garza's , however, coming this summer.

Tymmi said...

Blogger ate my link. It's Cat Garza's "Secrets and Lies" anthology.

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