Monday, August 20, 2007

hello again.

Gee, I haven't really been good with this whole blogging thing lately.
The thing about having two kids... turns out it's a lot harder than just one. Who knew?

Anyway, in the interest of keeping the site alive, I'm instituting a brand new half-ass feature. The Daily Doodle is what I'm calling it. While certainly consisting of doodles and random sketches, it probably won't be daily. But the name stays anyway. That's how I roll.

This is the first one. Right now in northeast Ohio it's rainy and cold.

See you next time.


Fabricari said...

Crazy how that Ohio weather really affects the art. I dig this piece tho - and good to see you're posting more art/comics! I look forward to seeing your collaboration with Alex.

Tymmi said...

Thanks. It'll be a little while yet on Alexander's story. I've been having to steal time for comics work.
Mean time I'll be trying to post doodles here and easing my way back into comics.
When do we start seeing your work with Jon?