Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Check Out my Sweet-Assed Pillow Talk!

We got pounded yesterday and today by the same storm system that's ravaging the northeast states right now. It dumped snow over us all of yesterday and into this morning, which meant we had Valentine's Wednesday off for a day of fun (if your idea of "fun" is digging your way out of over a foot of snowfall).

So how was your weather?


grant said...

I was sick on friday, Lincoln's B-day on Monday and two snow days after that! I'll go in tomorrow and then have the weekend again! yippee!
You'd think I'd be getting a lot of comics done, but my wrists really hurt from all the shovelling!

neal said...

This is the greatest and most true comic ever made.

Tymmi said...

"True," I'll give ya, Neal. Appreciate the sentiment on that other part.

And yeah, Grant, tell me about it.
Nothing worse than shoveling the same spot about five times because a) it's still snowing buckets, and b) the snowplow keeps coming down the road and dumping a drift at the freshly cleared end of your driveway.


Fabricari said...

Heh heh. I woulda read this when you posted it, but I WAS BUSY SHOVELING SNOW!!!

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