Monday, September 18, 2006

Tymothi Godek Presents:
Copout Comics Volume One

This is not the comic I wanted for today. I found myself unable to draw the "real" comic - it just came out looking like crap - so I dashed this one off instead. When in doubt, do a comic about how you can't do a comic.


Fabricari said...

I really dig how you used the full strip for the background. And a beautiful background it is!

Tymmi said...

It was akind of laziness that did it - one background over three panels was easier for me to draw than a background repeated three times. I do like how it turned out, however, and I'm glad that you do too.

DerikB said...

The background is great. Love the sketchy pencilling.

Neil said...

Interesting that everyone is digging on the background (which I do too, btw)... but what I really wanted to comment on was that this is another "temporal paradox" comic.

Since the three "moments" of the event happen across the same background, a "temporal map" reading would force the foreground figure to be hovering in front of the background! (or, the background shifting behind the character).

So, good job Tim, another temporal paradox acheived to go right next to my Tezuka examples!

Tymmi said...

I do think that the background is probably the most interesting part of the strip. Neil, I actually thought of your temporal paradox examples as I was drawing the strip up (i.e. it briefly crossed my mind right before I zonked out). And thank you as well for what will surely go down in history as the only statement ever linking me in any way to Osamu Tezuka. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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