Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rated PG for Cartoon Violence

Watchin' cartoons with Chris and Lauren.

With this one I wanted to what would happen if I extended the comic for one panel past what would be the punchline.

Not much, huh?

(BTW: Sophie's favorite seemed to be this one)


Fabricari said...

Well, the extra panel changes the meaning of it all. I like it. Throwing the wide shot at the end gives perspective to the "absurd" statement.

Tymmi said...

I'm trying to exorcize my three-panel demons. So many of these blog posts seem to fall too easily into the gag strip format. I do agree that the last panel seeks to kind of diffuse the "jokiness."
Maybe you're right about the panel giving perspective. Maybe I went to the wide angle for a literal "step back" without even really thinking about it.

I feel like I've just been running on autopilot the last few weeks, haven't given a lot of thought to these strips.

Maybe that's good.

beardy-Beard Beard said...

I like the fact that my dad's painting made it into this.

Tymmi said...

Man, that's the whole reason I drew it!

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