Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On Directions


the Webcomics Examiner, where the article runs though the week.

Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theater by Cat Garza

e-merl including Brain Fist by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

Hypercomics.net by Neal Von Flue (special apology to Neal for the title)

John Barber Comics

e-sheep by Patrick Farley

Scott McCloud

Joe Zabel points out what could be construed as a "factual inconsistency" on my part in the panel on Scott McCloud. I edited the text to better reflect my intended message. The original can still be found here.


Joe Zabel said...

Great visual commentary, Tim!

Where has Scott said that the age of webcomics experimentation may be over? I'm not at all convinced that it's true.

Neil said...

Indeed, great entry, and I think you're on target there. I'd guess, one of the reasons we see less experimentation could be cause the web is no longer "new." Finding artistic experiments for it are less on people's minds because the novelty has worn off.

Tymmi said...

Thanks guys.

Joe- I mean to say that, judging from his blog and other sources, Scott's vision of the future of webcomics seems to have shifted from formalist experiments to a more storytelling-based efforts. That panel, written on-the-fly, stems from a misremembering on my part of statements like the one he makes on his links page (the "Reinventing Webcomics" part - where he specifically says that the age of experimentation is not over. Whoops.). I didn't mean to piut words in Scott's mouth. I've edited the comic to better reflect my message.

Neil-Maybe so, although novelty can still be a big drawing point. I think another factor is web-time. Experiments tend to take a little more thought and time to work through (for the artist and the audience) than other, more standard fare. The rest of the web moves so fast it's easy to get caught up in it and forget what you are not constantly bombarded with. Experimentors just can't keep up (or don't find it worth keeping up with.)

Joe Zabel said...

Another theory is that the WCE keeps all the experimenters busy discussing why there isn't more experimentation!

Neal said...

Yeah see what you've done, Joe?!?!

Great entry Tym, I agree wholeheartedly.

Neil said...

The other side of the coin, I now realize, is that some experimentation just might not be all that overt as things like Infinite Canvas and integrating sound.

I think its Joe who in the comments section mentions the absence of sound effects in Conan. Thats a very minor experiment, and I'd guess we'd see a lot of these online.

For instance, the emergence of sketchbook style blogged comics, like Tym's, is something that the web excells at. We wouldn't see this sort of thing in print at all.

Tymmi said...

Well, I don't read much American Elf but - as I understand it - that particular "sketchbook diary" started its life in the print world. The web does make the presentation a lot easier.

I, personally, am going for more a blog in comics format than an online presentation of a diary (there is a difference). And that's certainly inspired by web technology.

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