Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In the absence of melodrama... LIFE.


Beardy-Beard Beard said...

Would, "Better luck next time?" get me in too much trouble if I said it?

I mean, I really AM kidding!

Too late. I'll hit "return" and prepare for the fallout. At least I thought it was funny at the time.

Tymmi said...

I know you have trouble with that little filter sometimes, the one that's supposed to keep you from saying the wrong thing. But, GEEZ, when the thought pops into your head here you actually have to take the extra measures of clicking on the "comments" link, typing your foolish little message out, signing your name (She reads this too. You think she doesn't know who "beard" is?), AND THEN filling in the stupid "word verification" before you hit return.
You really love to live dangerously don't you? Rachelle has ways to get at you, you know. She's got an agent on the inside, if you follow my drift. And I, of course, am honor-bound the next time I see you to beat you far past senseless unto the point that you would wet your pants and you would beg forgiveness if only you were still lucid enough to string any kind of coherent apology together; if your broken body could still hold the physical shape necessary to form speech; if your battered brain could only remember what exactly it was that you did to deserve this pain or even the meaning of the word "forgiveness"; if you weren't already too busy waiting in earnest for the sweet, cool, welcome promise of death.

But thanks for commenting.

Wifey said...


I appreciate your loyalty, Tim, but I am a little concerned about the violence that is depicted in your reply. Yikes! I'll be a little nicer, now, knowing what you are capable of!

As for you, "Beard", I think Tim pretty much summed it up...

beardy-Beard Beard said...

Hee hee!

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