Saturday, December 17, 2005

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!!

So, in honor of Cat Garza's new baby girl I thought I'd put up some new pictures of my own little bundle of joy. You know, kind of give Cat an idea of what he has to look forward to.

(Okay, okay... So I'm just proud of my lttle girl and I want to show her off. Is that so wrong?)


Thank you Walmart Picture Studio.

Baby!!! It feeds itself!!!

She'll have none of that spoonfed-by-mommy-and-daddy nonsense. Such an independant minded child.

Note also the fancy new photo in the "profile" of the blog. Not my best posing (perhaps if i had known of the photo op in advance) but one of my favorite pictures nonetheless.


Joe Zabel said...

Those are really cute pictures, Tym!!

Tymmi said...

Thanks, Joe. I don't really know how it happened, she just came out that way.

Must be her mother.

cat said...

adorable! :)

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