Friday, November 18, 2005

Tree City officially down the drain and Colbert wins... This Time

alt tags are for people who know what to do with them

More spinning my wheels as the unfinished comics keep piling up.

I'm shelving Tree City. Part Three is all drawn up. I'm not completely happy with the way it turned out (which is about par for the course with most of my comics) but that's not why I'm putting it away.

Tree City, as I've envisioned it, is a very drawn out and involved story, and it really doesn't make much sense except as a whole (or serialized into the six chapters). I'm averaging about six to eight months per installment (each chapter is eight to ten parts) and it's just not a story that can adapt to that kind of schedule. I certainly wouldn't want to read it like that. It might all be well and good (though not ideal) if I had the time to focus exclusively on it and dribble it out piece by piece, but there are too many other avenues I want to explore right now. Tree City wad kind of an accident. I never intended to serialize it on the web. I was just using it to play around with the infinite Canvas program. I'm pretty sure it's a good story, though, and I may return to it if I ever have the freedom to devote to it the time it deserves.

alt tags are for people who know what to do with them

The comic I've been spending most of my time lately on was to be for Ryan Estrada's Welton Colbert Guest week. You may remember Colbert turning his withering gaze in my direction in the pages of Comixpedia. His strip was basically an "attack" on infinite canvas so of course my response turned into a massive nine-part Infinite Canvas epic (okay, "epic" might be stretching it.But it is nine parts.) Alas, I bit off more than I could chew once again as it now appears there is no way I'll be able to finish it by anywhere close to the deadline. Which is too bad. I think what I have finished is some of the best cartooning I've ever done and the script would have been very compelling (in my opinion). I thought about sending him just the first part (of the nine) 'cause it's done and it could conceivably stand alone. But it really makes a better comic when grouped with the rest, so I've decided it's all or nothing there, too.

alt tags are for people who know what to do with them

So where does that leave me?
Well, I've got a ton of short standalones piled up and I've started work on a story called "I Lost My Voice"

alt tags are for people who know what to do with them

alt tags are for people who know what to do with them

And I've got something else up my sleeve that, if I can work it out, means you'll be seeing a lot more comics from me on the internet next year.

I will make comics again, someday...


Anonymous said...

That is looking awesome. For serious, anytime you finish, I'll put it up. Welton gets one spot a month on Comixpedia, and whatever month you want is yours cuz I'm jazzed to see this.


Tymmi said...

Hey, thanks. I'll go back to working on it then.

But you'll probably want to read the whole thing before you make any decisions.

It's... different.

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