Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Self Portrait No.1

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I've been flipping through the archives at Angel Interceptor again. I was gonna do Inteceptor as my first Examiner review but just as I was preparing to write it, Ira Marks up and stopped posting comics there. It's too bad. He's got a nice style. Kinda long, spindly appendages. Cartoony but with a little bit of creepy, spidery twist to it. His ink work was good but I especially liked when he switched to just pencils like in The Coward From Where. Very much a "hand written" style. Immediate and personal like Jefreyf Brown and Anders Nilson meet, I don't know, Edward Gorey or something. The story where I fell in love with his pencils is, alas, no longer available online. It was a kind of human-raised-by-animals fairy tale with a "futility of social justice" motif. Incredible page design where all the smudges and scratches seemed to make sense. He even had lines of dialogue crossed out and re-written right there on the "finished" page. It was so fuckin' cute.


Anonymous said...

i'm trying to focus on some print projects lately and get going on something long term and serious. It was fun doing the web comic thing for a while but i'm not in that mind set anymore. Not as gratifying as it once felt i guess. i'm about 8% into five different graphic novel projects but it's difficult to settle in and move forward on only one. For the last few months I've been researching and writing synopsizes and storylines with little drawing in-between. I will be sure to post my progress as soon as it becomes a little more visually appealing than letters in a notebook. my site is not so rewarding to look at theses days and i appreciate you stopping by.


Tymmi said...

well, i miss seeing more regular updates at your site, but i wish you the best with your current project(s) and I look forward to seeing new work someday. I do flip through your archives at the site every once in a while and I think your work holds up to repeated readings. I still find a rewarding experience there.

And thank you for stopping here.

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